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What Parenting My ADHD Son Has Taught Me

Photo Credit: Kristin Moerman 

    When J was first diagnosed with ADHD I was relieved.  Finally, something to sink our teeth into. I believed with knowledge came power and we would now have the power to give him the tools to help him "fit" into the traditional school model. As I began to read and learn more about the way my son's brain worked, the more I realized that the perception of an ADHDer and the reality of what an ADHDer struggles with are oceans apart.
     His brain works differently, it's impulsive and creative. It zings around like a ping pong off of ideas and random thoughts. It allows him to jump across crevices on an Arizona mountain without much thought to the fall below, it leads him to climb buildings and scale trees and makes it nearly impossible for him to stop making noises. It also allows him to create beautiful art, writing I am envious of and provides him the ability to listen to a song on the radio and then play it on his guitar. His lack o…