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Hoarding Independence

I believe the universe speaks to me.  At least, I believe there are times I am supposed to be learning lessons, growing from moments and situations and that the universe has a way of leading me, like a horse led to water.

Cooper has been living in another state for six months now.  For six months I haven't tucked him in - save for the few nights he has spent at home (yes, he still lets me tuck him in) - or known where he is and what he's doing, what he ate and who he was with.  Not that I always knew those things when he was home - certainly that wasn't the case - but if I wanted to know, or thought I needed to know - I could know.

Over the past six months I have learned a lot.  I have learned that he is a pretty capable kid. Not that I didn't have that inkling - but let me tell you there is a flush of panic as you launch them on their "own" "Did I teach him enough?" - I certainly believed he was capable, but it is a thing of beauty and pleasure a…