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I believe in words. I believe they have the power to heal, to foster hope, to cause pain, create fear. I use words to convey my feelings, I use them to empower me and provide emotion. I have used words to inflict a wound and to make a point. I believe in words. I love to read them, to write them, to change them and to fight with them. I love to speak them and to hear them. 
I love quotes and the way a small number of words can be arranged to impact a day, a week, a life. I gravitate to words, finding solace and comfort when I need it most.  I was texting with a friend the other day and I sent her the following message: I love when words speak to us and create a path for moving forward. She sent it back to me as a quote. "I love when words speak to us and create a path for moving forward" - You  I was taken back, in all my years of collecting and loving quotes -- it never occurred to me I might have a gem or two of my own to share. Words have been my crutch, my helping hand,…

A Letter to my Boys on Finding A Life

I see you struggling.  I know it's hard. It's one of the most difficult times in life, ironically one of the times that adults repeatedly frame as "the best years of your life", although we know that isn't true. You aren't the only one trying to figure this shit out.  I promise. We just don't talk about it.  And that's ok.  As long as you know you aren't alone.  Searching for your happiness in this world, settling on a career and a partner and a life path is hard.  There is nothing easy about it, despite what anyone says. I try to be helpful, provide you with words of advice you can hear, but you aren't always ready to listen. And I know, sometimes you just need to learn for yourself. As much as it pains me. So instead of continuing to talk ... I am doing what I do best. Writing it down.

One of the biggest surprises of my life -- as ridiculous as it sounds -- is that there is no coast. Over the last four decades I've had a succession of t…