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Last Christmas

Thanksgiving Day 2015

A few weeks ago we headed out to hunt for our perfect Christmas tree. It was sunny and warm (normally I am not a big fan of the snow ... but I find myself missing it this season) with a brisk wind. We never look for a traditional shaped tree, we like them tall and slim, with lots of shelves for ornaments to hang on. We don't like them trimmed to the "perfect" Christmas tree shape, preferring a natural chaos ... limbs sticking out here and there. The hunt usually takes several hours -- and we have been known to abandon tree farms that don't have what we want -- sometimes visiting three or four before we hit pay dirt.

Aiden's requirement is that the tree farm have hot chocolate, horses are a plus ... he wants to see and hear and feel Christmas. Jackson usually picks a Charlie Brown tree that pulls at my heart strings. Coop is usually impatient -- impulsive being that he is, he wants to find the perfect tree and get it done. Eric and I - we jus…