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I Wonder

I always imagine my aged feet will feel cramped, strapped in, painful when I slip them into my skates.  But, they never do, the worn, twenty year old leather feels snug, like home.  Even the ragged edges and the worn down lambs wool don't scratch or tug. I am Cinderella, the slipper always fits.

The ice slips under my feet, I am not unsure. I am not nervous.  I am home. No matter the fact that it has been 2 and a half decades since I could lift this body off of the ice and my muscles are a shadow of what they used to be, my steps feel strong.  I don't jump. I don't spin.  Too many miles on these joints to do that, but I do get lost in the movement. I  feel like a young girl, a young woman, a young mother.  All the me's that I no longer am, all the me's that wore these boots.  Somehow in someway in this space, I am all of those women, all of those souls are dancing out of my blades, through my finger tips and I smile. I smile so much I start to weep, and I am pret…