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Guiding from the Side

Momma and As
Aiden: "I'm getting made fun of about my temper"

Hmm ... words any momma hates to hear "I'm getting made fun of".  Aiden sent me this text yesterday while at school.  I carefully read and re-read is words and sent back:

Momma: "Are you mad about something?"

Aiden: "No."

Momma: "Whose making fun of you and why?"

Our conversation went on from there, with him explaining that he didn't know why the kid was making fun of him, or why. I told him to ignore the kid and go play with someone else.  That was the end of our text conversation, I knew what we needed to talk about wouldn't be served well via text.

I began thinking back to how I might have handled that situation when Cooper was 11 - Cooper wouldn't have been met with the same response.

I've grown up as a mom in the last 17 years, a lot.  There's a lot to be said about the study of birth order - and …

Let me introduce myself ...

Let me introduce myself: I am the mother of three boys ages 17, 15 and 11 and the wife of the love of my life for 18 years. Ten years ago I had a blog that was named "Planet Boy" that I faithfully posted to several times a week for over two years. One morning as I logged in I realized that the blog host I used - disappeared.  It was simply gone. Done.  Defunct. All of my posts had disappeared with it. I lost two years of my stories, my words and a lot of work.

I tried to resurrect Planet Boy once more a few years later, but I was still disenheartened. I didn't make a go of it.

Confessions of a Daughterless Mother has been a title roaming around my mind for more than a decade. I remember standing in the shower with my then five and three year old boys clamoring for juice, goldfish, my presence and I took a big deep breath and tipped my head under the water putting my hands on my swollen, pregnant belly that held my third and last baby boy. The words floated up from my he…