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You Can Do Hard Things

The last few months have been a blur of last minute assignments, exams, baseball games, lacrosse playoffs, awards ceremonies, banquets, open houses, graduation! and life's expectations. A few weeks ago while we were in the throws of the last week of senior year my ADHDer found himself under a pile of work he had to get done and a short time frame. We laugh about his "life motto" ... "The quicker I fall behind the more time I have to catch up" but there are times it gets very real very quickly.

I found myself micromanaging his time -- which admittedly he needs a bit of -- and stressing, worrying, fretting about him getting his work done.  It was about that time that I read this gem on a friend's facebook page Sarah Brya Ignite Your Soul Fitness. She was telling a story of watching her daughter finish a long night's homework ... her advice to her daughter, "You can do hard things." 
There it was, a profound lightening of my shoulders. He can do…